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Meaningfully Enhance Your Practice Revenue │ Significant Benefit For Your Patients │ Needle Free, Virtually Pain Free

Are you a Physician seeking evidence based ancillary services for your practice?

AllergiEnd™ is possibly the most practice friendly and efficient system missing in primary care today, addressing one of the most common maladies bringing patients to see you.

Are you a Physician seeking better quality outcomes for your Patients?

Address your patients’ symptoms by first understanding what is causing them. Provide a clear diagnosis, and treat the true cause effectively, versus just the symptoms, while objectively measuring the results of your treatment.

New Allergy Diagnostics & Treatment System for the Non-Allergist

Meaningfully Enhance Your Practice Revenue

Proven CPT Code with an Excellent Reimbursement per Test

Safe for Children ● Needle free allergy skin testing ● Effective treatment without “shots”

Download your FREE Medical Protocol for Allergy Skin Testing

Finally there is a simple and broad allergy skin test for your patients. And yes you can treat your patients without referring them out. The patent pending AllergiEnd™ allergy testing product line enables the primary care provider with means to test patients for a broad spectrum of allergies within the confines of your office.

sufferer image

AllergiEnd™ provides clinicians a way to identify what allergens are causing a patient’s allergy symptoms and it’s administered in the physicians own office. Once identified what the patient is allergic to, MedScience™ also makes available to the practitioner a panel of AllergiEnd™ oral drops that safely and effectively builds, over time, the patience’s tolerance to the allergens. This method of treatment, which has become the standard in most of the European countries and is endorsed by the World Allergy Organization, is referred to as Sublingual Immunotherapy or by the acronym SLIT. The oral drops are self-administered by the patient, thereby avoiding the time and effort required by the conventional use of subcutaneous injections, as widely practiced in the U.S. Most importantly, the AllergiEnd™ test provides the doctor with a base line from which to measure the clinical improvement in decreasing the number and severity of patient allergies.

SLIT treats the cause of allergies by giving increasing doses of the substances to which a person is allergic. This, in turn, increases tolerance to those allergens and ultimately reduces symptoms. It is truly functional medicine in that it gets to the root cause of allergies instead of simply trying to control the symptoms. When done well and thoroughly, it can be highly effective.

Jay Harvey, MD, Pediatrician. Tampa Florida.

“I was impressed with how easy it was for my office to implement the AllergiEnd test and treatment procedures. The skin test is universally reimbursed, I’ve had no denials. The test is virtually pain free and the treatment requires no shots.  The no shot oral therapy treatment is a tremendous option to offer parents and provides me with another potential revenue stream. It’s safe for the kids and helps me keep allergy testing in house.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Jay Harvey, Pediatrician.

 Alex Mirakian, MD., Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

“I’ve been taking AllergiEnd’s sublingual immunotherapy treatment (SLIT) for my allergies for over 9 months now, my symptoms have dramatically improved they are almost non-existent now. Even as a doctor, not having to take shots to treat my allergies is a big plus.”

Rupesh Dharia, MD., Internal Medicine Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

“AllergiEnd came to my office and trained all my staff, the implementation was very successful. The testing has been a great addition to my primary care practice. I am extremely happy with being able to provide in-office testing with immediate results and rapid reimbursement”.

Dr John Strausbaugh Family Medicine, Fort Myers, Florida.

Linda Downes, Partner and Practice Manager.

“We have a very busy combined walk-in urgent care center and family medicine practice. My role is to run the offices as patient and staff friendly, while being efficient and profitable as possible.

Firstly, our business mission is to help care and treat the healthcare needs of our patients, which is what we got into business for. Dr. Strausbaugh, our Medical Director and senior partner, confirmed AllergiEnd’s diagnostic and immunotherapy system ticked that crucial box. So I made enquiries with Medicare and general insurance companies to make sure this procedure would be reimbursed. I received 100% confirmation that we would be paid for providing this service to our patients. I also spoke with another allergy testing company sales representative during my due diligence process, they wanted us to sign up to a long term contract with minimum monthly orders, we were never going to make a commitment like that, especially when this was a new service for our office. AllergiEnd has no long term contracts and no major upfront costs, which is a definite plus given the uncertainty around health care reform today.

Next, I met with our accountant and carefully developed a business model based on the cost of the AllergiEnd product, staff time and labor, and our office overhead, our accountant gave us the green light to go ahead and implement this system based on the financial analysis we prepared. So I presented this program to our partners and everyone agreed this was a very viable procedure and great service for our patients.

AllergiEnd came to our office and delivered a fantastic in-service installation and training for four of our nurses and medical assistants. I myself fully participated in the training and the patient demonstration. It is important to me and makes me a lot more comfortable knowing all the services our office performs and I wanted to make sure that the AllergiEnd system would not overwhelm our already very busy staff. I am very happy to have implemented this program, it is going to add an additional real and meaningful revenue stream for our business and I’m looking forward to hear how our patient population, suffering from allergies, receives a true long-term benefit to end their allergy miseries.”  

ICD-9-CM Codes that Support Medical Necessity for AllergiEnd

Code Description
372.05 Acute atopic conjunctivitis
372.13-372.14 Chronic conjunctivitis
471.0 Polyp of nasal cavity
471.8 Other polyp of sinus
472.0 Chronic rhinitis
473.0-473.3 Chronic sinusitis
473.8-473.9 Chronic sinusitis
477.0 Allergic rhinitis due to pollen
477.2 Allergic rhinitis due to (cat) (dog) hair and dander
477.8-477.9 Allergic rhinitis
478.0 Hypertrophy of nasal turbinates
493.00-493.02 Extrinsic asthma
Code Description
493.20-493.22 Chronic obstructive asthma
493.90-493.92 Asthma, unspecified
691.8 Other atopic dermatitis and related conditions
693.1 Dermatitis due to food taken internally
698.9 Pruritus and related conditions, unspecified pruritic disorder
708.0-708.1 Urticaria
708.8 Other specified urticaria
989.5 Toxic effect of venom
995.0-995.1 Certain adverse effects not elsewhere classified
995.27 Other drug allergy
V14.0 Penicillin, personal history of allergy to medicinal agents
V14.7 Serum or vaccine, personal history to medicinal agents

Improve Outcomes For Your Patients with Allergies and Asthma

  • Confirm the patient has allergies.
  • Easily and accurately identify WHAT allergens are triggering allergy symptoms.
  • Once sensitivities have been identified, help patients avoid them.
  • Keep control of your patients by no longer referring them to allergy specialists

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