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About MedScience™

Meaningfully Enhance Your Practice Revenue │ Significant Benefit For Your Patients │ Needle Free, Virtually Pain Free

MedScience Research Group, LLC is an outgrowth of the changes being manifested in today’s medical universe. MedScience™ develops or acquires proprietary diagnostic equipment directed for use by the primary care physician which had hitherto fore been necessary to refer to a specialist. The key criteria of such equipment is to provide the primary care physician with a broader avenue in which to practice evidenced based medicine where previously it may have been necessary to refer the patient to a specialist. The company’s market strategy is driven by two intrinsic factors: 1) proprietary testing equipment and methods fully utilizable by the primary care provider and 2) enhanced economic opportunities for the primary care provider not previously available.

AllergiEnd Logo

One of the first diagnostic and treatment programs that MedScience will launch is its allergy diagnostic system named AllergiEnd™.

The patent pending AllergiEnd™ allergy testing product line enables the primary care provider with means to test patients for a broad spectrum of allergies within the confines of its office. MedScience™ also provides education and training regarding a universally accepted oral immunotherapy system for desensitizing positive allergic patients and makes available to the physician the convenience of prescribing the oral vaccine without the conventional requirement of establishing a pharmaceutical compounding capacity.

AllergiEnd™’s vision is to establish our evidence-based allergy program as the standard for identifying and treating allergies in the primary care setting.

Mission/ Purpose

MedScience™ aims to enhance the quality of life of individuals and populations through research, evidence based diagnostics and innovative intervention promotion and distribution. Committed to excellence, we strive to show leadership and to develop future leaders whom will be recognized for enhancing the health and quality of life of those individuals and populations.

MedScience™ aims to:

  • Deliver measurable financial benefits to key stakeholders through reimbursable products and improved quality of life outcomes for patients
  • Empower individuals to control determinants of their quality of life

Core Values

  • Everything MedScience™ promotes aims to positively enhance quality of life, and lower the known allergic risk factors that manifest in poor quality of life.
  • Everything MedScience™ does is based on and/or guided by strongly supported science, empirical observation and conclusive evidence.
  • MedScience™ always strives to produce systems and measurement for its activities and interventions.

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